INDUSTRIAL PARK LIVE DINING 2009 - update - picts from May 15th, 2009 and November 2008

May 15th 2009 - landscaping, construction, installation of "dining" areas, planting, by employees and Nicole Fournier

Industrial Park Live Dining evolved into the realization of "Heritage Park" (named by the employees) - the adaptation of the Live Dining concept by 40 employees of a company in an Industrial Park. Table and chairs were created by employees using recycled materials, and as well as ready made furniture was used for the project.

November 2008 - Guy Quinn (urban wildlife specialist) and Rob Baker (mammal specialist - Tracker) and Nicole Fournier (the one taking pictures), on the Industrial Park Live Dining site, observing mammal wildlife next to the company. Rob Baker finds evidence of vole (field mice) on site, in the wild area of the site. The vole are main food supply for the fox that Rob Baker began tracking in the winter (video of this in the making....)

The observation of wildlife mammal activity is part of the Industrial Park LIve Dining Project of verifying that there was wildlife in the industrial park, as part of the ecosystem within which the polyculture space was being designed and created, by employees and Nicole Fournier. The site of Heritage Park (Industrial Park LIve Dining) includes wild space, a small forest and the co-created, designed space by the employees based on the Live Dining concept.

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